Research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at SCMB encompasses the study of the molecular processes of living systems and organisms. Specific areas include biological chemistry, metabolism, enzymatics, structural biology, molecular cell biology, molecular genetics, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and systems biology.

Discipline/Theme members

Bacterial Pathogenomics
Bioinformatics (analysis, modelling and integration of biological data)
Molecular genetics of gene expression and development
Molecular mechanisms of neurological disease
Genetics and reproductive biology
Sex virulence and evolution in pathogenic fungi
Biocatalysis and Molecular Toxicology
Protein structure and drug discovery
Vector-borne viruses; structure/function of viral proteins; viral vaccines and diagnostics; virus discovery
Microbial physiology and biochemistry of metalloenzymes
Signalling molecules in macrophages and tumour cells
Structural biology of infection and immunity
Structure and function of molecular machines
Physical and Computational Chemistry - Simulation of biomolecular systems
Redox biology and bacterial pathogenesis
Synthesis, methodology, and medicinal chemistry
Metabolism and Microbiome in Pregnancy
Clinical protozoology
Research skills - how can students learn key research skills and how can we assess this. Teaching core biochemical, microbiological and molecular biology knowledge to students of the health professions.
Molecular genetics and cell biology of the skin
My group focuses in the development of professionalism in undergraduate students through authentic practice learning activities.
Bacterial Pathogenesis
Physical Chemistry - Structure, function, mechanism and pharmaceutical potential of metalloenzymes
Molecular systems glycobiology
Cellular response to foreign nucleic acids
Integration and evaluation of undergraduate research experiences, and assessment/feedback practices in large undergraduate microbiology courses
Tuberculosis microbiology
Mechanisms of drug-induced liver damage
Molecular virology