Research in the Biomolecular Chemistry theme includes the structure, reactions and synthesis of biologically important small molecules and chemical investigations of proteins and enzymes.

Members of the theme are brought together by their common approach to understanding the structures and mechanisms of biologically relevant organic and inorganic molecules at a molecular level which informs their role in nature and their potential applications.

Theme Leader:  Dr Elizabeth Krenske

Discipline/Theme members

Inorganic Chemistry - Coordination chemistry
Biological and synthetic chemistry
Organic Chemistry - Chemistry and bioactivity of natural products
Biomaterials for bone repair and regeneration
Physical and Computational Chemistry; Organic Chemistry
Synthesis, methodology, and medicinal chemistry
Physical Chemistry - Structure, function, mechanism and pharmaceutical potential of metalloenzymes
Organic Chemistry - Synthesis and isolation of complex natural products, method development, medicinal and physical organic chemistry

Other members of the school with research interests in this area

Organic opto-electronics
Organic Chemistry - Glycoscience, drug discovery and biotechnology
Biocatalysis and Molecular Toxicology
Structural biology of infection and immunity
Physical and Computational Chemistry; Organic Chemistry
Drug discovery (Inflammation, cancer, pathogenic fungi), medicinal chemistry
Mechanisms of drug-induced liver damage

Affiliated Members

Mary Fletcher

Paul Alewood