Research in Biotechnology at SCMB encompasses the application of fundamental principles of science to the delivery of biological products valued by society. Specific areas of research include antibody engineering for treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases, drug delivery vehicles, tissue engineering, vaccine design, development of diagnostic assays for bacteria, parasites and viruses, discovery and development of antibiotics, antivirals and biopesticides.

Discipline/Theme members

Infectious diseases, molecular biology and biotechnology
Bioinformatics (analysis, modelling and integration of biological data)
Molecular genetics of gene expression and development
Organic Chemistry - Glycoscience, drug discovery and biotechnology
Biocatalysis and Molecular Toxicology
Vector-borne viruses; structure/function of viral proteins; viral vaccines and diagnostics; virus discovery
Microbial ecology & evolution
Microbial physiology and biochemistry of metalloenzymes
Signalling molecules in macrophages and tumour cells
Structural biology of infection and immunity
Functional (organics & organometallics) materials design, synthesis and characterisation for organic opto-electronics
Clinical protozoology
Insect Cell Technology and Biotechnology
Physical Chemistry - Structure, function, mechanism and pharmaceutical potential of metalloenzymes
Novel drug delivery systems
Molecular virology