Medicinal chemistry is a multidisciplinary science involving molecular design, chemical and enzymatic synthesis and bioassays followed by modifying compound properties for pharmaceutical applications.

Medicinal chemistry thus combines organic chemistry with biochemistry, physical chemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, structural biology, enzymology, computer modeling, molecular biology and in vitro and in vivoexaminations.

Theme Leader:   Professor Istvan Toth

Discipline/Theme members

Drug development and delivery
Organic Chemistry - Glycoscience, drug discovery and biotechnology
Novel drug delivery systems

Other members of the school with research interests in this area

Organic opto-electronics
Metallo-supramolecular chemistry
Biological and synthetic chemistry
Biocatalysis and Molecular Toxicology
Structural biology of infection and immunity
Physical and Computational Chemistry - Simulation of biomolecular systems
Clinical protozoology
Bacterial Pathogenesis
Physical Chemistry - Structure, function, mechanism and pharmaceutical potential of metalloenzymes
Tuberculosis microbiology
Organic Chemistry - Synthesis and isolation of complex natural products, method development, medicinal and physical organic chemistry
Molecular virology

Affiliated Members

David Fairlie

Paul Alewood