Research in Microbiology and Parasitology at SCMB encompasses the study of microbes and their interaction with the environment or their host (e.g. during infection). Specific areas include molecular virology, bacterial and fungal pathogenesis, microbial genomics, parasitology, innate immunity, environmental microbiology and microbial evolution.

Discipline/Theme members

Evolutionary genetics and genomics of parasitic arthropods
Infectious diseases, molecular biology and biotechnology
Bacterial Pathogenomics
Viral pathogenesis
Sex virulence and evolution in pathogenic fungi
Vector-borne viruses; structure/function of viral proteins; viral vaccines and diagnostics; virus discovery
Microbial ecology & evolution
Microbial physiology and biochemistry of metalloenzymes
Signalling molecules in macrophages and tumour cells
Molecular mechanisms of flavivirus replication and virus-host interaction
Structural biology of infection and immunity
Immunotherapy of non-melanoma skin cancers
Redox biology and bacterial pathogenesis
Synthesis, methodology, and medicinal chemistry
Clinical protozoology
Bacterial Pathogenesis
Cellular response to foreign nucleic acids
viral pathogenesis and immunology
Molecular microbial ecology, diversity and evolution
Infectious diseases and vaccine development
Integration and evaluation of undergraduate research experiences, and assessment/feedback practices in large undergraduate microbiology courses
Tuberculosis microbiology
Molecular virology