Research Officer

DOE Joint Genome Institute, USA (2010-2013)
Postdoc: Single-Cell Genomics, Microbial Dark Matter
Dr. Tanja Woyke

Washington State University, USA (2007-2010)
Postdoc: Ecophysiology, Vent biology
Prof. Dr. Raymond Lee

University of Vienna, Austria (2002-2007)
PhD: Marine Biology, Microbial Ecology
Ao. Prof. Dr. Monika Bright

Brief Research Description: 
Microbial Genomics
Research Focus and Collaborations: 

Dr. Rinke’s main interests are genomics, ecology, and phylogeny of uncultured microbes. He applies single-cell genomics, the separation and sequencing of single bacterial and archaeal cells, and metagenomics, the direct sequencing of environmental samples. Both methods are perfectly suited to explore uncultured microbes, also know as microbial dark matter.

Secondary Research Areas: 
Funded Projects: 

ARC 2015

DP160103811 Genome-level insight into the dynamics of a model coral microbiome