BSc (Hons1) (UQ) Chemistry, PhD (UQ) Chemistry. Grad. Cert. Higher Ed. (UQ)
Senior Administration Officer (part-time)
336 53900

To provide scientifically-informed administrative support to the School’s First Year Chemistry Laboratory programs. Approximately 2,000 students enrol each semester in programs with a First Year Chemistry Laboratory component. The position requires liaison with academic, technical and administrative staff regarding all aspects of the administration of the First Year Chemistry Laboratory programs, including organisation of the Electronic Course Profiles, production, collation and printing of the laboratory manuals, laboratory timetables and assessment administration, and coordination and payment of chemistry tutors.


After completing my PhD in the synthesis of anti-viral agents at the University of Queensland in 1991, I was a radiochemist at the Wellcome Research Laboratories in the UK. I returned to the Centre for Drug Design and Development, which eventually became a part of the IMB (Institute for Molecular Biosciences). While at the IMB, I worked for Professor Richard Lewis and Professor Paul Alewood. I was involved in assay-guided isolation of venom peptides, peptide synthesis and radioligand binding assays. Following this, I worked for a startup company called Mimetica with Dr Peter Cassidy. I was appointed as a teaching-focused academic in SCMB in 2008, focussing on improving laboratory-based learning in Chemistry. My current role involves the support and administration of the 1st year chemistry laboratory and tutor appointment and coordination.