PhD Nottm 1976; BSc Nottm 1972

Dr Ward completed his PhD in Applied Biochemistry and Nutrition at the University of Nottingham in 1976 after researching the measurement of protein turnover in vivo. Dr Ward was appointed to the staff of the then Department of Biochemistry at the University of Queensland that year.

Brief Research Description: 
Medicinal and animal biochemistry
Research Focus and Collaborations: 
Dr Ward along with colleagues at the Queensland University of Technology was one of the first to apply bioimpedance spectroscopy to the study of body composition pioneering the use of Cole-Cole analysis for this purpose. This research led to the development of a bioimpedance analyser, which was subsequently commercialised by UniQuest, the technology transfer company of the University of Queensland, and now manufactured and sold world-wide by ImpediMed. Dr Ward's expertise in the bioimpedance field led in1998, to him being elected to the International Committee for the Promotion of Research in Bioelectrical Impedance, a position he continues to hold and where he acts as the Australasian representative on this body.

A major research focus is the use of impedance technology for the diagnosis and monitoring of lymphoedema. This work is being undertaken in extensive collaboration with staff at the University of Sydney.

He also conducts research association with colleagues at the University of Southern Queensland into the metabolic syndrome. 

In collaboration with researchers in the University of Adelaide and Flinders University,Dr Ward is using the impedance technology for assessing the nutritional needs of babies and infants. This work has attracted international attention and is currently supported by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Since 2008, Dr Ward has acted as a consultant to the IAEA in training programs aimed at nutritional research capacity building in developing countries. 

Dr Ward has extensive research collaborations, both nationally and internationally. Most notably, with researchers at the Universities of Sydney and Adelaide and the Institute for Preventative Medicine, Copenhagen, the University of Southampton, UK, National University of Singapore and University of Boras, Sweden.

Funded Projects: 

 Current projects

A/Prof PJ Halley; A/Prof BR Bhandari; Dr JA Cichero; A/Prof LC Ward; Dr TM  Nicholson A Novel Rheological and Chewing and Swallowing model for the Smart Design of Texture. Funded by ARC Linkage

Kilbreath SL Refshauge KM Beith Ward LC JM Sambrook P Clifton-Bligh P Simpson J Prevention of osteoporosis as a consequence of hormone treatment in post menopausal women treated for breast cancer. Funded by Cancer Australia

SL Kilbreath, KM Refshauge JM Simpson, LC Ward, O Ung, J Beith, J French, L Koelmeyer.  Incidence and risk factors for lymphoedema secondary to breast cancer: a prospective cohort study.  Funded by Cancer Australia and NBCF

SL Kilbreath, LC Ward, KM Refshauge, C Baldock, D Bailey, B Giuffre, MJ Lee, G Schembri, J Beith, JM Simpson.  Clinical correlates of lymphoedema.  Funded by Cancer Australia

Obermair A, Janda M, Hayes S, Reul-Hirche H, Ward LC Prospective evaluation of lymphoedema among patients with gynaecological cancer Funded by Cancer Australia

Newman B, Janda M, Kedda M-A, Yates P, Ward LC Hayes S Genetic polymorphisms and lymphoedema after breast cancer: a nested case-control study. Funded by National Breast Cancer Foundation

Maple-Brown l, Lawton PD, Hoy WE, Cass A, Jerums , MacIsaac R, Ward LC, O’Dea K eGFR in Indigenous Australians Funded by NHMRC

Ward, LC, Collins, C., McPhee, A., Gibson, R., Makrides, M. Body composition assessment in preterm infants: development of resistivity constants for use in Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy. Funded by IAEA

Ward LC Measurement of D2O by FTIR. Funded by IAEA

Wood F, Ward LC (2010) Overcoming barriers to clinical application of bioimpedance spectroscopy monitoring for acute burn patient fluid resuscitation. UWA-UQ Bilateral Research Collaboration Award.

Obermair A, Janda M, Hayes S, Reul-Hirche H, Ward LC LEGS follow-up: Lymphoedema Evaluation following Gynaecology Cancer Study Funded by Cancer Australia

Kilbreath S, Ward LC, Davis G, Degnim A, Black D, Foroughu N 2012 Reduction of breast lymphoedema symptoms secondary to breast cancer: a randomised controlled trial. Funded by NHMRC


Dr Ward teaches metabolism to students in the fields of Science, Physiotherapy and Medicine. He co-ordinates a 3rd-level course in Endocrinology and Metabolism. This course integrates physiologal and biochemical knowledgethat aids in our understanding the basis of life-style diseases such as the metabolic syndrome.

His other teaching roles involve acting as the chief examiner for the discipline of biochemistry and as the School academic integrity officer.

Significant Professional Activities and Awards: 

Current Professional Positions Held

Australasian Representative, International Committee for the Promotion of Research in Bioimpedance

Scientific committee member, International Society for the Study of Body Composition

Member, Nutritionists Registration Board


Section Editor, Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance

Editorial Board Member, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Honorary and adjunct positions

2005 onward  Visiting Professor, Institute of Preventive Medicine  Copenhagen University Hospital

2007 onward Honorary Associate Professor, University of Sydney

Selected Publications: 
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